The new BIO-133 Line Polymers are unique in combining low Refractive Index of 1.33 and 1.34, minimal cytotoxicity, and minimal fluorescence.

The low index, that matches the index of water and cells, enables construction of 3-D structures that do not degrade image quality in microscopy imaging. Examples include the construction of micro-chambers for live cell imaging (see picture below), or micro-pillars, to measure forces between cells.

These polymers were specifically designed for the lowest possible cytotoxicity, to enable growth of cells. The BIO-133 polymers were also designed for minimal fluorescence, to allow better imaging in fluorescence microscopy.

In the picture, the microchambers array 
in the center was built with PDMS, resulting in poor quality of imaging. The side arrays were built using BIO-134 and BIO-133, resulting in superb image quality.